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Brendan Chaplin demonstrates all the key qualities needed to be a world class Strength & Conditioning Coach – he combines theoretical and scientific knowledge with fundamental coaching skills and has a well balanced approach to using traditional training paradigms with the latest innovations in athlete development. Most importantly he was able to use these skills to positively impact the development and performance of the athletes he supported in British Tennis.
Dr Karl Cooke
As his assistant coach I found Brendan to be very knowledgeable and keen to help with my development. He showed me the foundations of solid programming and ensured that I developed the fundamental skills required in a good S&C coach. His work with the Team Durham High Performance teams was of the highest quality and all the teams displayed increased athletic ability and reduced incidence of injury. His enthusiasm for continued learning and personal development was inspiring and is possibly the most important thing he taught me. I hope to work with Brendan again in the future.
Russell Jolley
“Brendan Chaplin is a Strength & Conditioning coach of high calibre. I have always been impressed by his desire for further knoweldge. Brendan is always keen to learn from other coaches. Equally he has the ability to critically evaluate both his own coaching and the work of others. This evidence based approach enables Brendan to consistently achieve excellent results with his athletes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brendan to any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level.
Tim Egerton
I have found the Team Durham Strength and Conditioning very useful this year. The programme is well structured and varied, and is specific to rowing. I have made some good improvements as a result of this and I feel that these have contributed to my success this season, including being selected to row for GB at the World U23 Championships. The support from the S&C coach has been outstanding. - GB Rowing International
Henry Chin
Brendan has been an amazing influence for me on my journey towards becoming a prominent professional British fighter. His advice concerning correct nutrition specific to my own needs, as well as his tips on conditioning, have helped me become a more successful athlete and have helped me to win a British Title in my chosen sport. I still use Brendan as the strength and conditioning coach for my own gym and will continue to use his advice and training methods as my career progresses - British Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Will Burke
Although I haven’t been in Durham all year, the weights programmes I have done have always been a lot more interesting than in previous years but still challenging enough to feel like you’re getting a lot out of the sessions. They have also been much more varied so you feel as if you’re getting an all round improvement in strength. For someone who usually hates doing weights, I have enjoyed doing the programmes that you have set, and have also woken up aching the next morning so I know they are working! - GB Rowing international and current U-23 world medallist
Emily Taylor
Working with Brendan this year has changed my views completely on the use of strength and conditioning workouts for fighters. The dynamic and explosive exercises as well as the mobility exercises have vastly improved my strength within my sport and has even helped to rehabilitate the injuries I have. If you are a fighter and are not using the techniques and training methods that Brendan teaches, then you putting yourself at a disadvantage in a highly competitive sport! If you want to be in tip top condition and compete at the highest level then you need to train with Brendan.
Danny Mitchell
“Brendan is an amazing trainer and person, I have never worked with a more professional and brilliant coach. His approach to strength and conditioning has been the breath of fresh air I have been looking for and even after a few months of his coaching I am feeling definite improvement’s in my Mixed Martial Arts game. I have been so impressed that I have asked Brendan to be the conditioning coach for my team. - Team Fulinkazan – Head Coach Professional MMA Fighter”
Mark 'Spenna' Spencer