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This is a little teaser to get you ready for next weeks HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE Video collection launch.

For those of you who weren’t aware in May/June we had Dan Baker over to the UK to deliver a 2 day workshop.

The workshop covered everything from Athletic Development in junior and academy level athletes right through to advanced strength and power training, high level conditioning, bands and chains, practical coaching skills and much, much more.

We had over 20 coaches on the workshop all at a high level themselves which made for some awesome discussions and questions for Dan.

photo 1

A great group of coaches at the High Powered Performance workshop

Well that workshop has now been made into a whopping 7 video collection for you and it’s ready to go NEXT WEEK!!

Check out the trailer for the collection below:

Trust me this video is excellent and will leave you with a thorough understanding of how to build serious athleticism, strength, power and most importantly how to coach!

Stay tuned for next week. As usual it will be available for a limited period at the early bird price then the price jumps to the full price.

Thanks again folks,


High Powered Performance - Poster

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It’s only 7 weeks to the FINAL level 3 Accelerated Development course THIS YEAR!!

If you’re looking to get a recognised qualification, learn from the BEST coaches in the UK…AND develop competencies and skills that will actually make a difference to your coaching then this really is the course for you.

We have 3 places left on the September 5th-7th programme and this week I’m going to announce some additions to the coaching faculty on this course which I’m really excited about.

Check out the page for the course HERE and find out more.

This course really is an awesome 3 days of learning and development.

See you there!


PS NO question this course will sell out. Please take action and book your place while you still can by clicking HERE.

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Last week I wrote about 8 Steps to planning your performance programme, with a focus on simplicity and thinning things through for yourself.

To compliment that article (which was one of my most popular this year btw) I really would encourage you check out a couple of videos below.

One is all about fundamental movement patterns and the second is all about the relationship between strength and sport. Both are from Dan John, the legend himself and are really informative and simple.

Dan John is delivering his BRAND NEW workshop ‘Reasonablenss- A Philosophy on Fitness and Strength in the UK in October this year.

If you are reading this as a personal trainer, S&C coach, sports coach, or a passionate fitness trainee I really I think YOU need to be there as Dan doesn’t get to the UK often and this workshop has NEVER been delivered before.

Click HERE to check out the workshop, and do check out those videos below too!

Thanks as always,


PS Dan John’s workshop price WILL increase very soon. We have 40 places and already 25 have gone. Once we hit 30 the price goes up. So if you want that place on the workshop you really do need to book TODAY! Click HERE to get in the mix!

Big size IMAGE 2

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“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”- Gary Linker

The world cup final was just the latest example of this. Only Brazil have won more world cups than Germany and the Argentinians just could not make it happen in the final despite having some excellent chances.

I want to focus on the quote from Gary Lineker for a second.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people said that about your team? Your clients, your athletes, your business? You’re results were just so good, so consistent, that people flocked to you. You could command the best clients, the best athletes, and say no when you wanted!

Well let me tell you, it doesn’t happen accidentally. This is a process that’s been planned from start to finish.

A process that began with the end in mind and was completely reverse engineered.

Screenshot 2014-07-17 09.35.36

And within that process there are some specifics that stand out with the Germans which might just be areas you need to improve on in your coaching, and your business.

Organisation and Discipline

Without question for me Germany are the best team in the world when it comes to having things in order. They know where they are, they know their structure and their systems and their behaviour is super consistent throughout the match and the tournament. Winning the world cup is not about one match, one moment of brilliance. It’s about consistently high level of performance and taking advantage of defining moments.

Thats what the best athletes can do and the best coaches can facilitate this with their behaviour. The best business perform this way too. But does yours?

Work Rate and Team Spirit

There’s no cure for laziness I’m afraid. The Germans are fit, strong and work together for the full game. A high level for every game in the tournament, not just in the final. They actually improved with every match together. That’s the sign of a great team.

This is one of my favourite quotes:

Screenshot 2014-07-16 17.03.46

Focus on small steps every day. Make sure you move forwards every single day, no excuses, no drifting.

It’s not about going alone, working with others is the way to move forwards FAST! But it’s a skill to delegate, to outsource and it’s a challenge we need to conquer.

Preparation is key. Get in shape to achieve in your business, in your coaching. Then get your business or your athletes in shape!

Understanding of the Opposition

Know your game plan. What your strengths and weaknesses are and how they match up against your opposition. Germany are adaptable. They can and did make tactical changes when required.

I call this game plan strength when I train fighters. And it’s the same in business. What do you do well, and are you looking to strengthen strengths or minimise weaknesses? Two very different things.

Know what you’re up against and have a strategy on how to beat them.  Not just one tactic either, have a plan B, C, D etc etc.

Passion and Belief

The will to succeed was abundantly clear with the Germans throughout the tournament. Ruthless in victory, especially against Brazil in the semi-final.

The drive to succeed and to win was there. But underpinning this was the belief from detailed and focussed preparation,  having great players and support team and ticking all the boxes.

Dave Brailsford pretty much owns the term ‘marginal gains’ these days but at the elite level this is what it boils down too.

Taking care of business is about ticking every single box meticulously. 

Just some thoughts, but what do you think? What makes a successful business? A successful coach?

Let me know :)


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Programme design is critical to getting results.

A truer statement has never been issued I hope you’ll agree? Otherwise aren’t we just hoping for something good to happen and ignoring what has gone before? That body of evidence that can short cut the process a touch?

But hang on a minute, critical doesn’t mean complicated.

Critical can be super simple too.

If I’m honest, the reality of the job forces simplicity.

Your athlete or client arrives for their session and they have an injury, or they haven’t fuelled before the session, or they have to leave early, or they have a technical session straight after, it goes on and on and on….

So the programme you planned goes out the window.

Here’s my approach, something that has evolved into simplicity over the last 10 years. Feel free to critique me on this by the way, I’m a big boy, I can take it!

1. Think about your athlete or client, their experience, their goals. What do they NEED and what do they WANT (Often 2 very different things). Form a picture. Don’t think about what YOU want or need, it’s all about the client.

What’s the goal? Where do you want to take this client?

2. Think about your critical exercises. The ones that MUST be in the programme on a weekly, or microcycle basis.

Your bang for your buck.

Squats, Deadlifts (and variations), pulls, presses. What do you use to develop strength, power, athleticism?

3. Then think supplementary or assistance exercises.

The ones that support the critical movements but don’t make up the programme on their own.

Think RDL’s, Incline Presses, Pullovers, Split Squats, Single Leg Squats.

4. Then think specific movements- to the athlete, to the sport.

Write into a spreadsheet numbers 2, 3 and 4. Don’t worry that you can’t use ALL your critical exercises with a particular client. Thats where intelligent exercises selection comes into play. Not everyone will squat for maximal strength for example. 

5. Now you need to put these into the session plan using categories.

Here’s my basic exercise categories:

Total Body Explosive

Upper Body Push

Upper Body Pull

Lower Body Knee Dominant

Lower Body Hip Dominant


Tick these boxes by apportioning your critical first, then your assistance. In general we need to have some unilateral work, some bracing and anti-rotation/extension, some fluency work, free movement.

From an exercise order perspective we want to go from the warm-up into power work, then strength work, then supplementary conditioning or work capacity. There are exceptions to this rule but as Mike Boyle says you have to learn the rules before you break them!

6. Then you can plan the warm-up.

What comes first to prepare for the session.

To prime the work that follows.

How does this look for the full week/phase?

7. Then plan in your recovery/restoration work. We have to bear in mind that it’s not about how much we can do it’s about how little to force the adaptation we are looking for.

8. Use every single session as an assessment process to learn about your athletes. How they move, their mindset, their response to coaching. Step 8 is your in-built flexibility and reflection. It’s not intelligent to stick with a programme that doesn’t engage your clients. Changing it is the smart move.

Throughout this process we need to have the end in mind. What are we trying to get from the session, the cycle, the phase. Where does this programme fit within that? What comes before, what will come after. What kind of movement are we looking for?

Of course we need to base our choices around the equipment, facilities, and environment that we are working with. No use having snatches in the programme if you don’t have platforms or your athlete can’t perform them for some reason.

Now steps 1-4 can be done in advance of the session. Athletes are humans, things change regularly. So steps 5-8 can be planned, but often need to be changed at the last minute.

If you get steps 1-4 done you can complete 5-8 in 5-10 minutes at the start of the session if you need to. Of course it helps to plan in advance but sometimes it’s not possible and sometimes its better to put it together on the day especially with novice athletes.

For me, if you follow this process you will design better programmes. Both in advance and with short notice. Do the work to get the thoughts down on paper then you can rely on this when it counts…in the session!

Credit to Vern Gambetta and Kelvin Giles for influence here as well as Dan Baker and many more.

Also Dan John, who’s workshop really is a must for aspiring and developing coaches alike. The opportunity to learn from the best is a fast track to success in my book!

Get along to Dan’s workshop by clicking HERE.

Big size IMAGE 2

Here’s to better programmes!





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Jun 25

Dan John hits the UK!

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Yes it’s really happening!

One of the worlds top coaches is coming over the UK (Leeds specifically!) on the 18th and 19th October this year.

It’s a BRAND NEW workshop too, Dan will be delivering FRESH content.

The thing is the places have literally been going RAPIDLY since monday. There are only 40 places and the prices increase with every 10 places sold. If you want to get it at the lowest price you MUST book TODAY as this is one of the most popular workshops we have EVER hosted.

Click the poster below for more info or read on:

Big size IMAGE 2

Dan John really is one of the leaders in the field of strength and conditioning education. From his best selling books such as Intervention and Never Let Go (both must reads by the way), his articles on T Nation which really make you think, his videos and lectures available from his website DanJohn.Net and of course his work with athletes and clients.

In this 2 day workshop Dan will be covering

  • Goal Based Assessments (“The goal is to keep the goal the goal!”): In this session Dan will go through his philosophy on assessments and give you all the tools you need to implement a full assessment on your athletes and clients instantly.
  • The “Playing Field” approach to achieving, managing risks, compromises and options: In this session Dan will take you through his model of lifestyle design which mirrors his approach to training and developing athletes. This really is something that you can take away and apply on Monday morning!
  • The 1-2-3-4-5 Assessment Process and how it can change your approach to developing athletes FOREVER!
  • Epistemology: how do you know what you know…and HOW to apply it: This is something that Dan has researched extensively and as a concept is something that we can all benefit from taking the time to think about our own biases and methods. This session will be a powerful learning experience.
  • The “Minimum Effective Dose,” the “Killer App,” and it’s “Easy to be Hard!”: Are you training your athletes too much? Are you expectations too high? Doing less is actually more. And in this session Dan will outline how we can build programmes with the minimum effective dose required to create adaptations in our clients.
  • Famine and Fasting- Utilizing deprivation to increase capacity: Learn some real cutting edge information on how to build high level of work capacity that carries over to sporting activities and athletic training.
  • The “Three E’s” approach to health, longevity and fitness: Dan’s approach to life and coaching athletes. High level performance training to life in general this mantra is something you need to think about and this session Dan will be going through it with you personally.
  • Practical Lifting and Movement Sessions: Throughout the weekend there will be a number of lifting and movement sessions looking at fundamental movements, session design, coaching concepts, recovery and much much more. Come prepared to MOVE!
  • Q&A Sessions throughout the weekend where you can ask Dan anything (within reason of course!!)

To check out more info and to book your space you need to click on the poster below.

The price increases after the first ten people have booked. We are up to 7 ALREADY!

Don’t miss out on the lowest price and come and learn from a true legend!!

Big size IMAGE 2



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This weekend I ran the first ever Performance Nutrition summit. An online conference featuring 5 of the UK’s top nutritionalists in Gavin Allinson, Matt Lovell, Laurent Bannock, Graeme Close and James Morton.

Between them these guys look after about 50% of the UK’s pro teams including Man City, Liverpool and Spurs football clubs, England Rugby, London Irish, Munster, London Broncos rugby clubs, UFC fighters, International Boxers, you name it!! SO it’s safe to say they know what their doing!

Over the course of the 2 days we covered everything from habit formation and NLP, to nutrient timing, to protein requirements, carb strategies, fasting, and much, much more. Click HERE to sign up for the summit and you’ll get a recording of all the talks this week.

But let me tell you that each and every one of the presenters specifically spent time emphasising that these strategies have their place, but ONLY after you’ve mastered the basics. The fundamentals of eating clean and building good habits.

Mastering the basics is the secret to success everyone is looking for!!

Screenshot 2014-06-16 10.06.44

It was great to hear these top of their game coaches stress the importance of good foundations.

Refreshing as it’s exactly what I talk about when it comes to strength and conditioning and movement.

Get BRILLIANT at the basics. The slide from Kelvin Giles recent talk says it all.

Screenshot 2014-03-30 12.48.32

Learn to squat, lunge, brace, hinge, push and pull.

Do it in every direction, amplitude, velocity.

Build your movement vocabulary.

Keep it simple.

Same with nutrition.

Learn about your current diet by monitoring what you eat.

Get 8-12 fruit and veg in your diet every day.

Eat lean protein with every meal.

Cut out the crap! Click HERE for the 10 healthy habits.

In my new video collection RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW I utilise these basic movements throughout and talk about concepts within them to challenge and take to a higher level.

Click HERE for the video trailer, the collection is on sale THIS WEEK ONLY and it’s got some very cool bonus items as well.

Or click the photo below:


Have a good one and keep it simple!




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Yes bit of a long winded blog title today but you get my drift!

My latest video is ready and I’m really pleased with the final cut.

There is SO MUCH info in this and it’s 100% practical too.

Check out the trailer below:


The video covers everything from warm-up concepts to strength ands power. From hurdle mobility to periodisation.

If you’re looking to get CURRENT, Up to DATE information on strength and conditioning and movement this is the collection for you.

I’ve also added in some excellent bonus items to add even more value including a very cool product from Vern Gambetta.

The video is on sale for a few days so grab it now at the lowest price it will EVER BE!!

Click RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW or the picture below to check out the details.


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After reading this post you will have 3 ways to improve as a coach this week. I guarantee you!

Firstly, this weekend is the FIRST EVER Performance Nutrition Summit. A totally online event featuring 5 of the UK’s TOP nutrition coaches. We must be able to advise people on nutrition and have an excellent working knowledge. It’s also a fantastic way to get serious results with your clients too. We are covering fat loss, muscle gain, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. You name it, we are covering it this weekend.

It really is something that all coaches need to be a part of. Click HERE to get more info and register.

Secondly, this friday I’m doing a 100% FREE webinar at 6pm GMT on how to develop as a coach, how to build a successful career and business and just generally how to get great results.

The webinar is called “The Ultimate Strategies For Business Success In The Fitness Industry PLUS The Exact Methods I Use To Get Loyal Clients!”

You’ll also get 2 FREE GIFTS just for listening in from 6-7pm (ish) on friday. The gifts will be worth over £50 so tune in and get involved!

Click HERE to register for the webinar.

Finally, my new video RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW will be launched TOMORROW! This is a very cool video showing all the tools that I am using with my clients and athletes RIGHT NOW to get results. I show you how to use isometrics, dumbbell circuits, strength and power supersets, programming tricks and secrets and lots, lots more.


You can check out the video trailer for free HERE, but look out for the real thing tomorrow!

3 things you can use to get better this week was what I promised you. I hope I delivered.

Have a great week folks and speak soon,



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Our famous level 3 ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT course is coming up in September and we have 3 spaces left to fill.

It’s famous because it’s an awesome intensive learning experience that has seen over 100 coaches go through in the last 2 years. It really is an awesome learning experience and many of those coaches are working in high performance sport, running their own gyms and succeeding in their business big time.

The course is £559 UNTIL TOMORROW, then it increases to £659.

If you want in click HERE (before someone else does!)

It’s not a fluffy course, it’s a full on intensive development course featuring some of the best coaches and tutors in the UK and worldwide. I kid you not.

Places will go quickly, the course always sells out.

Get involved by clicking HERE and you can join a group of elite coaches.

Also don’t forget to sign up to my FREE webinar where I’ll be talking about the secrets of coaching success, business development, working with athletes and much more.

Click HERE for the webinar.

Thanks folks,


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