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So yesterday I mentioned that my brand new video collection Combat Performance Training for Sports will be released this weekend.

This really is a collection I’m proud of as the combat sports and martial arts are my personal passion but also athletic development and coaching are where I’ve found so much enjoyment and fulfilment over the last 10 years.

So it’s really cool to be able to bring this collection to you which shows both aspects and offers something that is not available on the market at the current time. A complete collection showing how to integrate martial arts and combat training into sports strength and conditioning.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet please check it out below:

The video will be ready Saturday and of course it will be available at the early bird price for the first 50 people to place an order.

If you want it take action and you’ll be rewarded. It’s that simple.

I’ve also got 3 other products coming out this weekend that will made into a very useful bundle along with the Combat Performance Training Collection. So look out for those.

There is a book in there too which is well worth getting hold of.

This video features a lot of my current thinking on athletic development. But of course  my current thinking is very much influenced my many of the great coaches and athletes I’ve had the fortune to learn from and I want to give some mentions of those people today. This is not an award speech at all got to recognise the contributions made.

Mike Wray my first MMA instructor and Vale Tudo coach who introduced me to a lot of the martial arts I enjoy today.

Karl Tanswell for his superb coaching and thinking on both martial asrts and athletic development in general. A true professional ahead of his time and still is. Credit to the Straight Blast Gym group in general for their Aliveness approach.

Steve Muckle and the rest of the Combat Base team. Ever present, solid, hard training with a process and method that produces constant development. Ed Drysdale, Graeme Allsop and Chris Campbell deserve a solid mention here.

Gary Pollard one of the best wrestling coaches I’ve ever trained with. Jimmy one of the best wrestling partners I’ve been up against too.

Gav Boardman, Will Burke, Kam and Andy Miles for the fun and games in Manchester (and some good sparring too!)

Danny Mitchell the Cheesecake Assassin who I’m very fortunate to coach but also learn from which his approach and attitude to competing and preparation. Yorkshires first UFC fighter too. It never ceases to maze me the control exhibited in the preparation and the execution of his sport.

The MMA teams I’ve had the fortune to work with including Fulinkazan and the AVT crew. Learning is the only way.

All the training partners I’ve trained with over the years and now. We improve together and not independently.

Finally to Fighting Fit, jay Furness at YourMMA, Cage Warriors and all the other magazines and websites that have helped me formulate my methods and coaching philosophies. Awesome.

Thank you.

Coming this weekend!

Coming this weekend!



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Hi folks,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that my newest video collection is going to be ready this weekend.

I’m really proud of this collection as I think it really goes into depth on a lot of the concepts that I’m currently using in coaching sessions and also shows a LOT of technical info on grappling that can be instantly applied to so many sports.

Coming this weekend!

Coming this weekend!

This is all aimed at coaches delivering sessions in combat and collision sports such as MMA, rugby, martial arts. But let me tell you that EVERYTHING covered is applicable with court and field sports such as football, cricket, basketball, netball etc. I’ve used this stuff and the concepts within the videos with pretty much every sport you can think of!

Here’s the video trailer which is AWESOME itself!!

The video collection has 5 parts to it covering a LOT of content.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the 5 parts which are 100% PRACTICAL MOVEMENT SESSIONS.

1. Combat Warm-Up- A detailed session covering effective warm-ups for combat sports, stiffness and fluency concepts and LOADS of progressions I guarantee you haven’t seen before!

2. Combat Games- These are PERFECT for court and field sports as well as combat sports. They are also games children and younger populations. They teach decision making and free thinking. They are FUN. You’ll get loads from this video alone.

3. Combat Techniques- This is a detailed look at the key positions and postures that you MUST nail to execute tackles, takedowns, throws and generally understand the principles of leverage and energy conservation. Why would you want your athletes to work harder than they need to do to execute a movement. This video teaches efficiency and is a MUST WATCH for anyone working in combat or collision sports.

4. Combat Strength Training- This video covers bodyweight training to the max. Learn how to put together strength and power training programmes that can be done without ANY equipment. It’s fun and can be done with all ages too. So many progression here you’ll be picking stuff out for years from this video alone!

5. Combat Conditioning and Programming- This final video puts things together. Learn about skills under fatigue, energy system training and programming for skill development in wrestling and grappling. This will teach you how to integrate into your main training programmes really easily so you get the best adaptations from your athletes.

It’s comprehensive, instantly applicable and PROVEN.

I’m a life long martial artist with a commitment to constant improvement at the forefront of my own philosophy. My influences in martial arts are people like UFC fighter Danny Mitchell, the Straight Blast Gym group, Combat base Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my early wrestling coaches Mike Wray and Gary Pollard. All of the stuff in the videos is simple, explorative movement training. Learn by doing. Instant feedback based learning.

It’s not about giving them all the answers it’s about setting scenarios that actually pose questions. Sports like wresting and BJJ have been doing this for decades and strength and conditioning coaches are just picking up on it now. This will fast forward your learning of how to coach movement.

Of course you’ll get a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you disagree with me, no questions asked.

Look out for it this weekend. (Along with some other cool stuff too).

Thanks as always,


PS..Let me tell you that there are hundreds of progressions in this collection that will give you stuff to be doing with your athletes for YEARS. The concepts discussed and demonstrated are super simple and instantly applicable. You’ll be seeing rapid results just going through the different components. Don’t be put off by the world ‘Combat’ either, it’s just movement.

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Last week I wrote a blog called 4 Lessons I learnt from the Golf Open this year. If you missed it it’s well worth a read. It’s not about golf it’s about success and can be applied to training, business building, and pretty much anything else to be honest.

Well it was a super popular post with loads of people reaching out with their thoughts and I wanted to highlight a colleague of mine Dave Hembrough who chipped in with a 5th lesson.

Be clear with the process and don’t dilute it. 

I think this is so key. What I think Dave is referring to is know what your going after…A golf major, a full time role in strength and conditioning, a business generating 7 figures a year, a 5 bedroom house etc etc.

Then Focus.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the things that actually take you away from your goal.

Focus is something that can be learnt in my opinion too. I wrote THIS article about that a while ago.

And if you’re struggling with what your goals are here are 7 Killer Questions that you need to answer. (we focus on all this and a LOT more in my mentorship programme, you can apply for that HERE)

I’m super focussed this week. This weekend I have 4 new products coming out.

Here they are:

1. Combat Performance Training for Sports Video Collection

2. MMA Lessons from the Trenches- A lecture on developing MMA Athletes and working in performance environmebts

3. The Best of the Best-  A live talk on what the best athletes, coaches, and programmes have. 

4. My BRAND NEW BOOK- which all the funds are going to charity. It will be about coaching, strength training, managing people and all the other cool stuff. Lot’s of lessons learnt. 

ALL of them will be out this weekend. 

Look out for some build up this week and then a big push over the bank holiday.

Time to focus.

Good luck this week.


PS Great thoughts from Dave, a hidden gem in the UK performance industry, a great thinker.


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It’s been a super busy week for me.

We went away for our summer holiday last week and as a result as is usually the case with holidays, the week before was manic trying to get things ready for the holiday and the week after is even busier catching up on things from the week you missed!

But it’s worth it to spend time away and relax.

To reflect on the year gone by so far.

To spend time with my other half is always fun…

But today I wanted to share something with you.

In July I went to the Golf Open with my dad. We both enjoy golf, he plays and I try!

Screenshot 2014-08-14 11.14.00

Having never been to the Open before it was a new experience and just like many big sporting occasions it didn’t disappoint.

The golf was another level, with Rory McIlroy lifting the trophy at the end of the weekend.

But was was interesting to me almost as much as that was looking at the way the event was run.

The scale of things in general was just really impressive. Tens of thousands of people. High profile athletes and sponsors. Everything flowed really well.

There were literally thousands of people working there, from the people selling burgers to the people managing the golfers to the bus drivers, the list goes on.

You can’t build something big on your own. It’s inspiring the people around you to build it with you that matters.

And then there was all the companies that were involved in the running of the event. Supplying food, clothing to sell etc. Sponsors with their names branded all over the place.

The thing that really struck me was just how many of these companies originated from just one or two people. There were literally dozens of recognised brands that featured the name of their originator.

Think of the fashion brands Chanel, Gucci, Boss etc etc.

Of course there are Starbucks, Rolex and dozens of others that don’t choose this pathway.

But for me it’s simple. If you aren’t prepared to put your name to it you don’t believe in it enough. It’s that simple.

Now I’m not saying your name has to be in the brand name itself (although it might be an idea), but you need to be able to stand up and speak about what you do with conviction. You need to put your personality, your drive and your vision into what you do.

If you aren’t prepared to do this why would anyone invest in you.

Why would prospective clients come to you over the next guy?

It’s not just about shouting, but you need to be heard and you need to have a message.

And when I look at these brands that we take for ganged now you realise that they’ve taken decades to build to that level.

Decades of consistent forward motion.

Of overcoming the obstacles, zigging and zagging their way forwards.

It’s not an overnight success.

And finally let’s look at the quality.

The global brands build with quality. They are experts in what they do and it all stems from this quality. Not blagging. The expertise comes first.

So the lessons are there for me and for all of us I think.

1. Continued development of your expertise.

2. Think of the long game (not golf related) and move forwards consistently.

3. Believe in what your doing enough to stand up and shout about it, maybe even put your name INTO it.

4. Don’t go alone. It’s just not possible.

Let me leave you with a question to think about.

How many of these 4 areas are you really addressing and committing to?

Do you need to re evaluate what you’re doing and find something you really believe in?

Are you trying to do it all by yourself?

Important learnings for me just from this one weekend.

Thanks for reading folks and drop me a message with your thoughts.




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Firstly I hope you’re week is going well.

Yesterday was an absolutely insane day with the launch of High Powered Performance video collection.

High Powered Performance - Poster

We are offering some awesome bonusses for anyone who orders YESTERDAY OR TODAY, but there are only 30 spaces available for them.

Let me tell you honestly, yesterday 23 of the 30 BONUS packages were snapped up….if you want to be one of those ‘first 30′ you MUST get over to check out the link below NOW!!

If you want to be one of those first 30 you really do need to get across to the page NOW and get moving!

Click to be one of the first 30 and get the BONUS PACKAGE FOR FREE >> HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE VIDEO COLLECTION <<

Have a read below to find out just what’s covered in the videos too. But honestly do not waste time on this one as the price will be increasing after 30 people have bought the videos!!

Here’s exactly what Dan will be covering in the 7 videos:

Video 1: ‘The Right Start’ : Young Athletes and the Resistance Training Journey

  • The stages of Long Term Athlete Development and Dans approach to maximising athletic potential.
  • Why it’s essential to have a thorough working knowledge of the stages of LTAD as a sports or athletic coach.
  • Why everyone is Australia got Dans research on talent ID WRONG!! (You won’t make the same mistake!)
  • The right start- mastering bodyweight exercises.
  • Dan’s 6 stage model for strength training from beginner to advanced.
  • Dan’s 6 stage model for taking someone to advanced power training status and how common pitfalls can be avoided
  • Appropriate programming considerations and competencies. What should kids be able to do in the gym? You’ll learn the actual standards Dan prescribes with his academy and youth athletes.
  • The 6 KEY movements you need and how to modify, progress, regress them to get all the exercises you’ll EVER need!

This video is a truly valuable resource giving you that big picture knowledge and ultimately a system to apply with youth athletes instantly.

Video 2: Competing with the BIG BOYS! Strength and Power Training Considerations

This video focusses on stages 1-4 in Dans model which focus on learning to train then training to compete when it comes to strength and power development.

  • How to choose the right programme amongst all the craziness on the internet!
  • How to break down training cycles into days, weeks and phases most effectively to get results with your athletes.
  • How to choose the most effective exercises for your populations and how they fit into the loading programme.
  • Dan’s big guiding principles when it comes to resistance training programme design. This will instantly help you with your programmes!
  • 6 types of periodisation model that can be used and which ones Dan prefers and when he prefers to use them! (Invaluable information!)
  • Advanced periodisation models and how they fit into the equation.
  • Beginner barbell cycles and progressing to advanced.
  • How to physically and mentally prepare athletes for stages 5 and 6 of Dan’s model.
  • 10 methods for varying load and intensity during a training week that will give you the right options to use with your athletes and cover hypertrophy, strength and power.
  • Example sessions and programmes to make sure you get the message and you are able to programme for strength and power after watching this video.

A thorough look into how to build athletes from a strength and power perspective. No stone is left unturned!

Click to be one of the first 30 and get the BONUS PACKAGE FOR FREE >> HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE VIDEO COLLECTION <<
Video 3: Advanced Power Training Methods

This video goes into huge detail on how to build explosive athletes through advanced power training. If you’re not using power training with your athletes they are missing out on an opportunity to be their best. Learn how in this video. Here’s exactly what’s covered:

  • The influence of maximal strength on power development and when strength should be the focus instead of power.
  • The different types of power and which sports need what when it comes to prioritising.
  • How power is displayed in sports and what we need to do to replicate that in training.
  • Dan’s load power spectrum model, understanding this will open your eyes when it comes to power training and programming.
  • Power training research, what has already been done and how we can build on it and use with our athletes.
  • The relationship between power and strength and how this must be considered with your athletes.
  • Advanced power training strategies- how to use bands and chains. A detailed look at the application of these methods from one of the worlds foremost researchers in the area.
  • 13 Power training methods explained in detail that will give you every option you’ll ever need!
  • THE 1 KEY Component that MUST be present in your training to ensure you continue to make gains.

An exceptionally detailed, research led but coaching based look at advanced power training which will give you a model of development to use with your athletes forever.

Video 4: Practical Athlete Power Training Session

This video is all about practical delivery. Learn everything from athlete development exercises through to advanced power exercises. It’s ALL practical and here’s exactly what’s covered.

  • Athletic Development progressions and regressions using the BIG 6 movements.
  • How to progress a bodyweight exercise so it challenges the very best athletes in the world.
  • How bodyweight exercises are used in elite athlete training programmes.
  • Task based learning- don’t give them too much information!
  • The use of perturbations in training programmes to reduce injuries and challenge athletes neurally.
  • How to set up and train with bands and chains- get this right first!
  • How to cycle between bands and chains in training and which exercises are best with chains versus bands.
  • Mobility fixes for the big lifts such as squats, bench press, cleans and deadlifts. Quick fixes that take less than a minute to see results.
  • The ‘Norwegian Slingshot’ technique for power development!
  • Applied Bands and chains methods showing elite athletes training videos and what can be achieved.

This video gives you the application of the methods. It’s super simple information but seeing it delivered by Dan makes it click into place that much more!

Click to be one of the first 30 and get the BONUS PACKAGE FOR FREE >> HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE VIDEO COLLECTION <<
Video 5: Advanced Programming for Field Sport Athletes

This video starts to put everything together so you can then programme it with your clients and athletes. Dan breaks everything down making the complex seem super simple.

  • The best way to give your athletes the best chance to develop.
  • Comparisons of strongman, powerlifting and weightlifting cycles with team sports- what NOT to do in your programming!
  • The seasonal (annual) plan and how this fits with team sports.
  • The cycles and how to vary them for maximal impact.
  • The weekly programme and how you can get the best from it irrespective of game schedules.
  • The evolution of Dans programming to get consistently excellent results and minimal strength/power loss throughout the season. This is a 20 year examination into his programmes!!
  • Championship winning teams- a look into the programmes Dan used to peak the Broncos for their Grand Final victories.
  • Dans famous ‘Wave’ cycle programme described in detail. This has to be the best option to use with team and field sport athletes and you will learn EVERYTHING there is to know about how to apply it from the originator himself!!
  • Advanced athlete exercise selection considerations- how to get the bang for your buck!
  • How to design the session-what comes first, what follows etc etc.
  • How to design your training week. Which model to choose and why.
  •  A detailed look into the actual programmes Dan used for the Broncos over the years. This is a no holds barred examination with a lot of questions asked throughout from the audience.

Nothing is held back in this video. You’ll watch this and come away with a thorough understanding of programming. All you need to do is apply these principles with your athletes.

Video 6: Current Trends in Endurance Training

Although Dan is best known for his strength and power training research, his knowledge and experience in endurance training for field sport athletes is genuinely world leading. In this lecture Dan gives you a detailed system of development that you can literally incorporate instantly. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where endurance fits in and why most S&C coaches are poor when it comes to energy system training.
  • The important measurables in endurance training. Forget the usual VO2 max etc, this will set the record straight and give you the ‘real’ impact things to look at.
  • THE most important aerobic measure you can possibly look at. Get this into your programmes and your athletes will start to get FIT.
  • 5 options to test for aerobic capacity and which one is most effective. (No laboratory required here this is for coaches!)
  • Comparisons of maximal aerobic speed scores for different sports and a thorough look at the data supporting the use of Maximal Aerobic Speed for aerobic development.
  • The use of the intermittent endurance test from Martin Buchheit in team sports conditioning programmes.
  • The key stressors for field and team sport athletes which we need to account for in their programmes.
  • Training applications- a look at what happens historically versus what needs to happen NOW!

This video really builds the bigger picture. It’s not simply about getting people super strong and powerful. We must build athletes that can move well and for the right periods of time for their sport. You’ll be able to apply this system of development very quickly and start getting results in a matter of weeks.

Video 7: Programming for Endurance, Strength and Power

This video takes the research on endurance training and maximal aerobic speed and looks at how to apply this in training to get your athletes super fit, super fast!

  • Dans 6 methods for developing elite level endurance based on the maximal aerobic speed measure.
  • The truth about small sided games. They might not be all their cracked up to be! You’ll get the research to back up your arguments.
  • Don’t rely on averages…elite athletes need to prepare for worst case scenario, how this fits into the programming picture.
  • Heart rate training and how to use it.
  • How to combine small sided games with traditional conditioning.
  • How to combine endurance training with strength and power training in a weekly programme.
  • Non-running conditioning and it’s importance for athletes.
  • Cross training workouts using rower, bodyweight, bike and other ‘non-running’ modalities!
  • ‘We are only as strong as our weakest’ Dan Bakers 8 top endurance workouts.
  • Circuit training and strongman truing for endurance development- this is the research to support the arguments as well as the practical application!
  • How to utilise MMA and other sports conditioning principles in field sport conditioning.

This is the application and the combination of all the methods presented in the previous 6 videos. With a focus on endurance Dan really shows you how to build athletes, but also how to build a coaching culture and environment that rolls out athletes year after year.  Watch it, apply it, be inspired by it.

7 Videos and over 8 hours of Footage!

This is not some watered down excerpts from a weekend seminar, this is a COMPLETE development system. A full syllabus that you can take and apply all of it, you can borrow parts of it and slot into your existing programming, or you can even start fresh with clients TOMORROW and take them from nothing right through to elite status following these principles and methods from Dan.

Click to be one of the first 30 and get the BONUS PACKAGE FOR FREE >> HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE VIDEO COLLECTION <<

Don’t mess about on this one, it’s THE best video collection available today on these areas folks it really is.

Thanks as always,



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Okay I know I said this was going to be ready for you today, but I wanted to get it absolutely right and I noticed a couple of small things that we can improve in the production of the video but it’s set us back a day in the release of the video.

My apologies for this, but it will be worth the wait trust me.

If you haven’t seen the video trailer yet (where have you been this last week or two??)…here it is again for you:

Having spent a few hours going through all the material again yesterday and early this morning I can give you some crystal clear facts on what is arguably the most comprehensive strength, power and endurance development resource available anywhere today! (I kid you not!!)

- You will be getting 7 videos totalling almost 8 hours in duration featuring one of the greatest S&C coaches of all time Dr Dan Baker.

- You’ll be learning how to take your athletes through Dans step-by-step athletic development process culminating in advanced strength and power training.

- You’ll be learning how to get huge results in energy system training using Dans cutting edge methods. (We use these daily with our athletes by the way and they work FAST!)

- You’ll learn what it takes to be an advanced field sport athlete but also what it takes to be an elite coach working with these athletes. Have you got what it takes?

- You’ll be getting practical, instantly applicable coaching information you can utilise TOMORROW with your athletes and clients. I’m talking from bodyweight conditioning to advanced strength and power methods. It’s ALL covered.

- You’ll be getting the most current information from one of the very best in the world. It’s yours to keep forever!

- I can tell you that the first 30 people to order the videos will get it at a better price than anyone else will EVER get it!

- I an confirm that anyone who orders the videos IN JULY (not august) that’s by the close of play thursday) will get the video collection at the lowest price…AND A LOAD OF BONUS ITEMS as a thank you for being patient with me.

- I can also say that as always you’ll be protected by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE meaning if you’re not satisfied in any shape or form you can have your cash back. I want you to learn and apply the information in these videos with your clients and your own training. I believe strongly that it will help you hence I’m offering this guarantee.

It’s all there for you to get better.

High Powered Performance - Poster

Folks sorry again for the short delay, we will be with you TOMORROW (hopefully in the morning) with the launch of the video.

Thanks again for being patient.


PS…Really is a superb collection this one guys, don;t miss out on the bonus items or the being in the first 30 people.

Speak tomorrow!



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This is a little teaser to get you ready for next weeks HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE Video collection launch.

For those of you who weren’t aware in May/June we had Dan Baker over to the UK to deliver a 2 day workshop.

The workshop covered everything from Athletic Development in junior and academy level athletes right through to advanced strength and power training, high level conditioning, bands and chains, practical coaching skills and much, much more.

We had over 20 coaches on the workshop all at a high level themselves which made for some awesome discussions and questions for Dan.

photo 1

A great group of coaches at the High Powered Performance workshop

Well that workshop has now been made into a whopping 7 video collection for you and it’s ready to go NEXT WEEK!!

Check out the trailer for the collection below:

Trust me this video is excellent and will leave you with a thorough understanding of how to build serious athleticism, strength, power and most importantly how to coach!

Stay tuned for next week. As usual it will be available for a limited period at the early bird price then the price jumps to the full price.

Thanks again folks,


High Powered Performance - Poster

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It’s only 7 weeks to the FINAL level 3 Accelerated Development course THIS YEAR!!

If you’re looking to get a recognised qualification, learn from the BEST coaches in the UK…AND develop competencies and skills that will actually make a difference to your coaching then this really is the course for you.

We have 3 places left on the September 5th-7th programme and this week I’m going to announce some additions to the coaching faculty on this course which I’m really excited about.

Check out the page for the course HERE and find out more.

This course really is an awesome 3 days of learning and development.

See you there!


PS NO question this course will sell out. Please take action and book your place while you still can by clicking HERE.

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Last week I wrote about 8 Steps to planning your performance programme, with a focus on simplicity and thinning things through for yourself.

To compliment that article (which was one of my most popular this year btw) I really would encourage you check out a couple of videos below.

One is all about fundamental movement patterns and the second is all about the relationship between strength and sport. Both are from Dan John, the legend himself and are really informative and simple.

Dan John is delivering his BRAND NEW workshop ‘Reasonablenss- A Philosophy on Fitness and Strength in the UK in October this year.

If you are reading this as a personal trainer, S&C coach, sports coach, or a passionate fitness trainee I really I think YOU need to be there as Dan doesn’t get to the UK often and this workshop has NEVER been delivered before.

Click HERE to check out the workshop, and do check out those videos below too!

Thanks as always,


PS Dan John’s workshop price WILL increase very soon. We have 40 places and already 25 have gone. Once we hit 30 the price goes up. So if you want that place on the workshop you really do need to book TODAY! Click HERE to get in the mix!

Big size IMAGE 2

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“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.”- Gary Linker

The world cup final was just the latest example of this. Only Brazil have won more world cups than Germany and the Argentinians just could not make it happen in the final despite having some excellent chances.

I want to focus on the quote from Gary Lineker for a second.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people said that about your team? Your clients, your athletes, your business? You’re results were just so good, so consistent, that people flocked to you. You could command the best clients, the best athletes, and say no when you wanted!

Well let me tell you, it doesn’t happen accidentally. This is a process that’s been planned from start to finish.

A process that began with the end in mind and was completely reverse engineered.

Screenshot 2014-07-17 09.35.36

And within that process there are some specifics that stand out with the Germans which might just be areas you need to improve on in your coaching, and your business.

Organisation and Discipline

Without question for me Germany are the best team in the world when it comes to having things in order. They know where they are, they know their structure and their systems and their behaviour is super consistent throughout the match and the tournament. Winning the world cup is not about one match, one moment of brilliance. It’s about consistently high level of performance and taking advantage of defining moments.

Thats what the best athletes can do and the best coaches can facilitate this with their behaviour. The best business perform this way too. But does yours?

Work Rate and Team Spirit

There’s no cure for laziness I’m afraid. The Germans are fit, strong and work together for the full game. A high level for every game in the tournament, not just in the final. They actually improved with every match together. That’s the sign of a great team.

This is one of my favourite quotes:

Screenshot 2014-07-16 17.03.46

Focus on small steps every day. Make sure you move forwards every single day, no excuses, no drifting.

It’s not about going alone, working with others is the way to move forwards FAST! But it’s a skill to delegate, to outsource and it’s a challenge we need to conquer.

Preparation is key. Get in shape to achieve in your business, in your coaching. Then get your business or your athletes in shape!

Understanding of the Opposition

Know your game plan. What your strengths and weaknesses are and how they match up against your opposition. Germany are adaptable. They can and did make tactical changes when required.

I call this game plan strength when I train fighters. And it’s the same in business. What do you do well, and are you looking to strengthen strengths or minimise weaknesses? Two very different things.

Know what you’re up against and have a strategy on how to beat them.  Not just one tactic either, have a plan B, C, D etc etc.

Passion and Belief

The will to succeed was abundantly clear with the Germans throughout the tournament. Ruthless in victory, especially against Brazil in the semi-final.

The drive to succeed and to win was there. But underpinning this was the belief from detailed and focussed preparation,  having great players and support team and ticking all the boxes.

Dave Brailsford pretty much owns the term ‘marginal gains’ these days but at the elite level this is what it boils down too.

Taking care of business is about ticking every single box meticulously. 

Just some thoughts, but what do you think? What makes a successful business? A successful coach?

Let me know :)


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