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Today I have a quote for you from one of the big boys.

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.

Who said this? None other than Socrates.

Your Weekly Wisdom....

Your Weekly Wisdom….

How much time do you spend discussing your ideas?

Are you spending more time on discussing other people around you?

Who are discussing things with?

Some big questions here that I want you to ponder.

No judgements, no coaching, just something to make you think about.

If you want more on this area read THIS post.

And to be honest you really should check out THIS great mind who is delivering a course in Leeds in May/June. Dan Bkaer is one of the best in the WORLD!

If you’re a performance couch, S&C professional, personal trainer or you just have a strong interest in strength and power training you do NOT want to miss it.

Thanks as always,


PS: If you can tell me where I found out about the quote above I will send you a cool free gift I promise!! Leave a comment and you’re email on my Facebook page. 

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Well this year has been pretty hectic so far. We ran the level 3 Accelerated Development Programme in Jan, the mentorship programme kicked off with ten super hungry coaches, I then delivered 2 days of combat training for England Rugby which was awesome, and March ended with the International conference! Phew…exhausting just to write this!

But it’s not stopping there. strength and conditioning_emblum

The next few Months are just as busy with lots happening that you’ll be interested in I’m sure.

Firstly I’ll be in London for 2 days on the 26/27th April delivering Strength and Conditioning for PT’s a course that I’ve developed in partnership with Premier Training, the largest provider of PT education in the country. This course will be very hands on looking at how to integrate performance training into personal training to give your clients and athlete more options. We’ll also be looking at case studies from athletes including UFC fighter Danny Mitchell, they’ll be lots of lessons learnt from mistakes made. It’s going to be a great course. Click HERE to check out the info for that course.

Secondly we have Dan Baker over on the 31st May/1st June in Leeds to deliver his HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE workshop. 2 Days with Dan is going to be pretty special and the places are selling FAST for this one. If you want to learn about strength, power, programming and endurance from one of the very best in the world this is the course for you. Click HERE for more info on that.

Lastly for those of you looking to get qualified as an S&C coach we are running level 2 courses in London (2 locations) and Leeds in May-June which lead to our famous level 3 ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT programme in September. If you’d like to book level 2 and 3 together drop me an email on brendan@athletesunlimited.co.uk I’ll help you out on this.

Click the links below if you’re looking to get qualified this summer.

Level 2 Leeds

Level 2 Gosling (London)

Level 2 Charlton (London)


So a busy few months coming up to say the least, but it’s all good. I love what I do and I love sharing it with people.

Can’t wait to see you on a course sometime soon!

Thanks as always,


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So last weekend we ran the first ever International Education ONLINE conference for S&C coaches and athletic development professionals.

It’s taken me a week or so to reflect on the talks and the event as a whole.

I loved doing it and for next year I’ve got loads of ideas and feedback on how to improve it for everyone and make it the worlds premier learning experience for coaches.

Online Conference poster - v2

Here’s a brief review of each of the presentations from my perspective. Don’t forget that you can get hold of ALL of these recordings individually HERE and until MONDAY you can grab the WHOLE recordings package at a discounted price HERE.

Dan Baker- Current Trends in Endurance Training: Dan opened the conference and he delivered big time in this presentation. Lots of information in Dans usual animated style. A superb framework for development of endurance and work capacity and massively beneficial to those of you who work in team sports or multi directional sports.

Jared Deacon- The BIG Speed Picture: Jared is one of my colleagues I turn to in all things speed. in this presentation he really got into the key components to look at as coaches, talked about technique and cut to the chase when it comes to building speed programmes in S&C programmes. A really strong talk.

Andy Franklin Miller- Biomechanics of Running Reeducation- A super smart guy no doubt, Andy really focussed on the intricacies of coaching running and showed some really good videos and stats on how to re integrate running after injuries. A top talk from someone at the very top of their game.

Dean Benton- Testing=Training=Testing:  Dean is someone I’ve followed for a few years and it was great to have him involved in this first conference. A hugely detailed talk on how to get the best from your athletes using real life examples from the highest level of sport. Very insightful.

Neil Parsley- What it takes to win GOLD! Neil is a great coach and a passionate guy and it showed in this talk. A very through case study based presentation on his work with Taekwondo athlete Jade Jones in the build up to London 2012. Some really cool drills and thoughts in this and a must for anyone looking for a best practice example of a case study.

Robert Dos Remedios- Building Better Athletes: Coach Dos delivered a very thorough talk on his programmes and what he tries to install through the performance environment he has created. I really enjoyed listening to this talk.

Calvin Morriss- Building the performance Model: Another talk I really enjoyed listening to as Calvin really got into what matters most when setting up your programme. I think a lot of people will look at programme design differently from watching this presentation.

Dan John- Epistemology, how do we know what we know? Having seen Dan speak about this subject last year I knew what was in store and really enjoyed hearing it again. Dan talks with passion, tells great stories and really gets his message across. Some excellent nuggets of information for any coach here.

Duncan French- 21st Century Movement Training: Duncan is the man when it comes to current trends and research into training modalities and methods. This was more of a conceptual talk about how to train movement but the level of detail and science was at a high level. Duncan really impressed me in this talk and lots to think about.

Graeme McDowall- Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition: Graeme is full of knowledge on learning dynamics and this talk really will change the way you think about teaching and learning for the better I believe. Lots of underpinning theory and practical examples too. We need to challenge ourselves to get the most out of our clients and what we really are in this for. Grame does that in this presentation.

Vern Gambetta- 45 Years of Coaching: As one of my mentors and a big influence on my career and development I always enjoy listening to Vern speak. This presentation DID NOT disappoint at all. A superb talk about the realities, the important areas and what really matters. A highlight of the conference for me personally.

Kelvin Giles- Conditioning the Overhead Athlete: Another of my personal mentors Kelvin has so much knowledge and experience to share with people. I love listening to his speak and am always impressed with how he tackles the issues in todays world of exercise deficit disorder, obesity and lack of movement! I personally feel that this might just be the highlight of the conference. A real must watch talk with some excellent thoughts on overhead training.

So there you have it, 12 talks from 12 of the worlds best. Don’t forget to check out the recordings HERE, you can buy them individually, a small bundle of 4 or the full package for a crazily low price until MONDAY!

Thanks as always and I will be back next year with the 2nd conference!


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After many requests from people about the conference recordings being made available individually…guess what? We’ve listened and made each recording available separately for YOU.

They are available at a bargain price of just £37 each to listen and watch one of the WORLD’S BEST coaches present their methods.

You can even get a special deal on 4 recordings too.

Click HERE to check out the page and treat yourself to something educational and get better this weekend.

Here’s the list of presentations to wet your appetite! Learn TODAY Apply TOMORROW!

  • Dan John: Epistemology- How do we know what we know? In this one hour presentation strength coach and all round legend Dan John will talk us through the background of how we learn, develop beliefs and values and draw conclusions. You’ll learn how to critically appraise your own coaching, your programmes, and the statements you make. You’ll also learn how to break down other people’s language to get the most from your clients. Dan will also be dropping training and exercise knowledge bombs along the way!
  • Kelvin Giles: Conditioning for the Overhead Athlete. Kelvin has been at the forefront of high performance conditioning for decades. A pioneer in terms of athletic development and really seeing the bigger picture. In this presentation Kelvin will be covering full performance conditioning for the overhead athlete. You’ll learn assessment tools, how to integrate with movement and mobility training, strength training and much more. You’ll be left with a complete solution to working with the overhead athlete.
  • Duncan French: 21st Century Movement Training. In this presentation Duncan will take you through how to improve your athletes’ movement qualities in a structured, systematic way. You’ll learn which areas to address in the gym. How to take from the gym to the court or field. What we can actually improve. Duncan is a world leader in movement training and this presentation will give you all the tools to implement a progressive movement training programme with your athletes and clients.
  • Robert Dos Remedios: Programming for Performance, Building Better Athletes. In this presentation Coach Dos Remedios will take you through his philosophy of coaching and athletic development built from over 20 years in the trenches. Strength, power, endurance, mobility, technical, physical and much more will be covered. You’ll learn how to put winning performance programmes together that add value. Unmissable stuff from one of the very best.
  • Dean Benton: Testing=Training and Training = Testing. In this presentation Dean will be sharing his mass of experience working in international rugby with the Brumbies, Brisbane Broncos, Leicester Tigers and many other world class performance environments. Dean will be putting across his views on modern day testing and monitoring arguing for a slightly different, coach led approach. A highly evidence based practioner in his own right you’ll get some serious knowledge from this talk that you can apply TOMORROW.
  • Vern Gambetta: 45 Years of Coaching- Mistakes Made and Lessons Learnt. What more needs to be said about Vern Gambetta other than a true pioneer and leader in the field of athletic development and functional training. In this presentation Vern will be sharing his lessons learnt. What works in an elite environment and a focus on coaching to improve our athletes and clients. Ultimately Vern will be sharing his formula for true success in this field and what a record this man has in developing athletes at the highest levels in all sports.
  • Dan Baker: Current Trends in Endurance Training. Dan Baker has a superb pedigree in working with elite athletes. He has demonstrated for 20 years that he can deliver. In this presentation Dan will be sharing his methods of conditioning and building endurance in field sport athletes. Focussing on keeping things simple, the use of technology, coaching and drills that will produce gains. You’ll leave this presentation with a framework for implementing endurance training programmes in any sporting environment and you’ll be learning from the very best.
  • Dr Andy Franklin Miller: Biomechanics of Coaching and Running Re-Education. Dr Miller is a sought after medical professional specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation. In this presentation he will be sharing his thoughts and methods on bringing clients back to running activities using evidence based practice. You’ll learn about key anatomical considerations. You’ll learn about coaching and programming. You’ll learn about integrating with full training and technical training units. In short, you’ll learn how to get your athletes back to training promptly. Something we all need to have a reference point for doing.
  • Dr Calvin Morriss: ”Building the Performance Plan – what is it and how does the S&C programme fit within it”.Calvin Morriss has over 20 years experience in the trenches and is at the very top of the game academically too with a Phd in Biomechanics. Calvin will be sharing his experience with world cup winning rugby teams and international athletes in this presentation on building your performance plan. This is high level knowledge and experience from one of the very best.
  • Neil Parsley: What it takes to win GOLD! Neil will be presenting a case study of Olympic Gold medalist Jade Jones (Taekwondo gold London 2012). This presentaiotn will look at building the programme, examples of metabolic, strength & recovery sessions- taper weeks/sessions, injury prevention sessions, speed agility & plyo sessions. This presentation will also examine the technical-physical-psychological crossover that physical preparation specialists have such an important influence on.
  • Graeme McDowell: Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition through Ecological Dynamics. In this presentation Graeme will be covering the theories of motor learning and skill acquisition drawing on his extensive experience working with professional golfers and other high performance athletes. Graeme will be linking to coaching applications in general giving you an excellent perspective on how you can communicate, design sessions and build programmes that will teach and facilitate learning more effectively.
  • Jared Deacon: The Big Speed Picture: How to develop speed in line with the other training units. In this presentation Jared will be covering the realities of speed development. We all know that we need to improve our athletes speed. We know the value of speed when it comes to winning matches. We know that it needs to be included in our programmes. BUT, do we do the best job we can do? Do we really understand the intricacies of developing speed? Jared is one of the very best when it comes to this and will be giving us a blueprint through his presentation. You’ll be in no doubt what you need to do with your athletes after watching this presentation.
What more can I say other than check it out HERE and get your brain in gear for some serious learning!
Oh and have a great weekend too!
Thanks again,

Online Conference poster - v2

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Last month we announced that Dan Baker is coming over to deliver his HIGH POWERED PERFORMANCE course for us on the 31st May and 1st June in Leeds.

Dan Baker unleashed in the UK this May!

Dan Baker unleashed in the UK this May!

Since Dan announced that he will be giving away his methods, showing his programmes that have never been shown AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AFTERWARDS, as you can probably imagine the places have been going pretty fast!

Dan even spoke about the workshop in THIS podcast which is well worth a listen just for the information alone.

The thing is there are only 40 places on the workshop in total and already we have 26 people booked on. I’ve just received an email from a colleague in Ireland looking to book 5 places on the course THIS WEEKEND.

The places are £339 for the 2 days which is awesome value but they increase to £399 on may 1st. But I think the course could be sold out by NEXT WEEK potentially!!

To be honest this could be the best 2 day seminar we’ve put on. Dan is one of my biggest influences when it comes to strength and power training along with building a performance environment. He really is at the top of his game.

I really do not want you to miss out on this opportunity to learn from a global force in strength and conditioning and athletic development.

Please hurry and book your place if you are looking to learn from the best.

It’s going to be a high powered weekend!!

Don’t hang around on this one. It’s really not me hyping it up, the places WILL BE GONE!!

Book your place by clicking on the link below and come and learn from one of my biggest influences and one of the worlds best.


Thanks again,



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Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock recently you’ll probably be aware that the International Education Conference  took place last week for 5 days.

Featuring some of the very best in the world including Dan John, Dan Baker, Vern Gambetta, Kelvin Giles, Dean Benton, Duncan French and many, many more. You might recognise some of the faces on the poster below:

Online Conference poster - v2

If you bought the recordings package for the conference you’ll be getting a link sent to you from me with access to download the recordings. For those of you who didn’t get the recordings package or missed out on the conference you can now grab yourself ALL 12 of the recordings for the lowest price they will ever be. But only until the end of this week, then the price increases.

We’ve had so much great feedback on Facebook and twitter it’s unbelievable. You can be a part of something special with over 14 hours of footage recorded LIVE at the best conference the S&C and athletic development world has ever seen! I personally learnt a huge amount and it was great to listen to my two biggest mentors in the S&C world Vern Gambetta and kelvin Giles speaking. As much as anything this whole event has spurred me on to think bigger for next years conference!

Click the link below to order yourself the conference recordings package now and start learning and getting better INSTANTLY.


Thanks as always for your support folks, means a huge amount to me.



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So we are back into the swing of things today after a fantastic 5 days of education with the International Conference. Those of you who are waiting for recordings they will be with you very soon.

Today I wanted to let you know that I have an opportunity for 1 or maybe 2 people to get involved in the running of strength and conditioning education, Brendan Chaplin Strength and Fitness and build some of the other ideas that are waiting to go as well as bring ideas to the table.

If you are a super keen marketeer and can teach me and other members of my team a few lessons then definitely get involved.

The full description is below so do read on. It’s perfect for a graduate or mega keen student. It’s not the role for an aspiring S&C coach wanting to learn about how to market their own business. There will be expenses paid and some kind of stipend after a trial period. It’s a 12 month opportunity and hopefully will be much longer than that.

Read on and get in touch if you’re interested. Pay attention to the final line of the experience and essential skills.

1 Year Performance Marketing Internship

Where: Home based with regular visits to head office in Leeds.

Remuneration: Dependant on experience.

Hours: Successful candidate would be expected to work 18 hours per week.

An opportunity has arisen for a talented, driven individual to join one of the fastest growing coach education companies in the UK for a 1 year internship focussed around Performance Marketing.

Strength and Conditioning Education provide world class educational opportunities to aspiring, developing , and professional coaches with a goal to improve coaching competence and athletic development in the UK and worldwide.

As a young but rapidly growing company our mission is to grow into the number 1 coach education company internationally for the fitness and athletic development professional.

We are looking for a young, dynamic, passionate marketing specialist to join our team for a one year internship which will provide mentorship and development opportunities throughout.

Our hope is that this person will join our team permanently following successful completion of the internship. 

Duties include but not limited to: 

-       Preparing and managing email campaigns to targeted lists.

-       Managing social media marketing campaigns

-       Co-Ordinating content marketing strategies

-       Preparing a monthly printed newsletter

-       Liasing with our consultant marketing manager on PPC, Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter marketing strategies.

-       Creating and innovating new marketing campaigns and ideas.

-       Implementing split testing and measuring processes in line with campaigns.

Essential skills and experience include:

-       Experience with social media and email marketing (in any industry)

-       A flair for creative writing

-       Attention to detail and proof reading skills

-       Excellent communication both online and in person.

-       Degree in marketing desirable although not essential.

-       Preference will be given to individuals who have made something happen.


How to apply: Send a CV and cover letter explaining how you can add value to our company and examples of your previous work to brendanchaplin@me.com or call 07889022388 for an informal conversation regarding the role. 



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This week has seriously flown by.

The international conference finishes today and it’s fitting that one of my biggest mentors Kelvin Giles speaks at 12.30PM to close the conference.

Online Conference poster - v2

I always enjoy listening to Kelvin, so much passion, experience and insight. We can all learn from him.

It’s been an epic week with 12 talks in total.

I’m going to hold off talking highlights for a few days but also keen to know yours and your take home points and messages, please do share.

Today is also the FINAL day to take advantage of the educational sale has been running all week. Click HERE to get hold of some serious educational material.

You can get hold of many products from the speakers and coaches who’ve presented. All of them are at least 50% discounts which is pretty cool to say the least.

The main thing I want to say as conference organiser is thank you.

It works with your support. Your passion. Your desire to learn.

And finally…I’ll be back…the planning for next years conference is starting very soon.

Thanks again,


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We are now 2 days into the conference and it’s been awesome so far. 6 talks down and 6 to go.

Today we have 3 of the very best.

Duncan French talks movement training this morning, Calvin Morriss talks building the performance programme this afternoon and the legendary Dan John talks Epistemology this evening.

I’m really looking forward to it.

Check it out at the link below:


If you saw Dan Bakers excellent presentation on endurance training and want to learn more about his 2 day workshop in Leeds this May click HERE. It will be epic and there are only 20 spaces left on this one.

Don’t forget that the March educational sale is running throughout the conference, you can get hold of all our products at 50% discounts. It’s a great collection. Click HERE for more info on that.

Thanks again for everything folks, much appreciated.


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The other day I was killing some time surfing the net and ended up on a site called Etoro.

They sell stocks and shares, and their disclaimer when you buy shares from them reads:

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Screenshot 2014-03-28 08.41.46

And of course it’s true. There are countless examples of share prices rising and rising then suddenly dropping.

It got me thinking about coaching and sports performance in general.

Countless examples of athletes and teams performing well for a few years then disappearing.

And what about us as coaches and trainers?

Of course there are many variables such as our clients adherence, funding, life etc that affect the results we get but we have control over our performance level as coaches.

Our consistency, our focus, being present in our sessions. All of these points build our culture and add to the results we get.

Ultimately we can’t control our athletes and clients lives but we can control our own performance and keep that side of the equation strong.

It’s the same for building our business, developing as a coach, perhaps even life in general. We can only control the controllables…ourselves and our behaviour.

If you’ve had great results this year so far, look at the behaviour that earned you those results. Keep it going.

If you’ve not achieved what you wanted to so far, take a look back at your habits and see what needs to change.

One thing is certain. How we behave and act today is a direct indicator of what we’ll achieve tomorrow and in the future.

And we have a choice over that. We can choose to perform well, or to under perform.

It’s time to bring the average up.

Time to ensure future performance IS high.

Time to rewrite the quote to something new.

How about:

Our present behaviour and habits are an indication of future results.

Want to build something special?

Start behaving productivity, getting things done, building your vision TODAY.

One small step at a time.

Thanks as always,


PS: If you want to bring your coaching knowledge up you can’t look past THIS fantastic video collection. It just is something special. And it’s on sale at the lowest price it will EVER be until Sunday.

Thanks again.


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