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Here’s a list of all the online work i’ve put out for MMA/Combat Sports over the last few years, enjoy it!!

If you want to learn more about how I do things you can check out my workshop on the 17th March.

2012 MMA Webinar 

All Powers Essential Exercises for MMA

Combining strength and endurance training for the combat athlete

Fight Prep Review Danny Mitchell Vs Gunnar Nelson

Heart rate training: Time to enter the zone!

It’s all in the head!

Long slow distance for fight sports?

MMA S&C Workshop 17th March 2012

Neck training 101

Origins of MMA closer than you might think! 

Random MMA Updates

Reverse Periodisation for MMA?

Specificity in Conditioning for MMA Part 1

Specificity in Conditioning for MMA Part 2

Shane Carwin talks sense about MMA S&C

Strength considerations for contact sports

Training Skills under Fatigue

TUFFEN up your conditioning

Supplements to enhance combat sports performance 

Top 5 Supplements for MMA Fighters: Health

Top 5 Supplements for MMA Fighters: Performance

Top 5 Weight Cutting Tips for MMA

What are you training to endure? Strength endurance considerations for MMA fighters





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